Sunday, November 14, 2010

Telugu Input Software for Mac OSX

Note: This is still in Beta stage (probably alpha stage). I'd appreciate feedback from testers. I'm looking for two type of tests mainly.
1) If you can let me know the words that you can't type using this software
2) If you prefer any changes to the keyboard layout.
Update 1 (21st Dec 2010): working inside gmail, TextEdit and OpenOffice

Update 2 (5th June 2011): working inside celtx.

Update 3 ( 1st Sep 2013): I have moved to a separate blog (  Please visit to get more updates
Step 1 Install Pothana
Download Pothana from here
Unzip and copy the Pothana.ttf to ~/Library/Fonts folder

 Step 2 Install PraSankar
 Download PraSankar from here or here
 Copy the file PraSankar to ~/Library/keyboard layouts
 Restart the system.

Step 3 Activating PraSankar
Go to system preferences > Languages & Text > Input Sources
Check Keyboard & Character Viewer
Scroll down to find 'Tel' and check the box.

 Now PraSankar is installed and you can see a flag appearing on top right corner in the panel. You can toggle between PraSankar and English language with 'Cmd+Space'

 How to use: Lower case key combination is shown in the below picture.

Upper case keys can be accessed either holding the Shift key or by activating the Caps lock.

అ-a, ఆ-A, ఇ-i, ఈ-I, ఉ-u, ఊ-U,ఋ-R, ఎ-e, ఏ-E, ఐ-Y,
ఒ-o, ఓ-O, ఔ-V, ం-9, ః - (

 క ఖ గ ఘ ఙ
  k K g G Z

 చ ఛ జ ఝ ఞ
  c C j J z

ట ఠ డ ఢ ణ
q Q w W N

త థ ద ధ న
t T d D n

ప ఫ బ భ మ
p P b B m

య ర ల ళ వ స శ ష క్ష హ
y r l L v s S X kfX h

 ా     ి        ీ           ు      ూ       ృ        ౄ          ె            ే            ై
1   2    Sh+2        3   Sh+3    4     Sh+4       5       Sh+5       6

     ొ          ో       ౌ      ం          ః
    7       Sh+7   8       9       Sh+9

For half alphabets use 'f' after the given letter "kf = క్"


 క్షణికం =  kfXN2kM

 చైతణ్యం = c6tNfyM

నవతరంగం = nvtr9g9   or     nvtrMgM

రైటర్ = r6qrf


  1. చాలా చాలా చాలా బాగుంది థ్యాంక్యూ

    1. thank you
      please do spread the word

    2. ఎవరి అవసరం వారిని ఇక్కడికి తీసుకువస్తుంది. రిప్లై ఇచ్చినందుకు చాలా థాంక్స్.

  2. Replies
    1. hi iam using mac pro inthe 3rd step i con't find the TEL option in the list pls helpme

  3. How to type ఉ కి dhirgam as in Shuunyamu etc.

    1. It would be Shift+3
      Can try "s#nyamu"

  4. how to get half alphabets as in ShuKLAM, viSHNUM etc.

    1. just hit f after the letter. Ex: క్ = k+f

    2. Hello, Thanks for your quick reply.
      I am trying to put the Shlokam "Shuklam Baradharam Vishnum -------" How to get another alphabet below one such as in Vishnum, Varnam etc.
      Also how to get "Vattulu" such as ka ki ka vattu, pa ki pa vattu and so on. Pl. reply ASAP.

    3. to write ప్పు try pfp3
      vishnum = v2XfN3M
      varnam = vrfNM
      numbers on the keyboard are used for "vattulu"
      I have given the examples and key relations in the bottom of the post. Please refer them

  5. Also how to get undo key, copy, paste keys on the keyboard when we are using this keyboard. Thanks.

    1. You have to switch keyboard to english to activate copy, paste etc keyboard shortcuts. You can toggle between keyboards by hitting "Cmd+Space". If you don't want to toggle the simply select with mouse and right click to get Copy paste options

  6. Great!! Thank you so much for this site and also for your prompt response.

    1. You are welcome. Please spread the word

  7. I will. How to get "ye" as in "Dhyaye". This word comes in "Shuklam Bharadaram vishnum sashivarnam chaturbhujam, prasannavadanam dhyaye ...."


  8. Hi,
    How to get "dhirgaalu" such as in "keee" "kaaaa" "yeee" and so on

    1. కీ=k@ , k!=కా

      you have to use the modifier key Shift to get దీర్ఘాలు.
      for కి = k2, for కీ = kShift+2, కు = k3, for కూ = kShift+2 ...etc

  9. నఆ సఇస్టమ్ లఓ ఇలఆ వసఉ్తందఇ.

  10. Please Reply.... I really in need of Telugu font for my Mac

    1. can you try to install some telugu fonts in your system.. pothana is one option

  11. Hello! Congratulations on creating such a useful and intuitive product - I really appreciate your effort!
    A suggestion - would it be possible to have the 'delete' key delete only the last keystroke and not the whole syllable? That would save time I think....All the best again! Have a good day... :-)

    1. I have tried that, but no success.

  12. ఇది నిజంగా చాలా చాలా బాగుంది థ్యాంక్యూ. Please tell me how to type the "r" sound in P"R"AYOGAM, and the M sound as in AAT"M"A. Please help me thank you.

  13. ఇది నిజంగా చాలా చాలా బాగుంది థ్యాంక్యూ. Please tell me how to type the "r" sound in P"R"AYOGAM, and the M sound as in AAT"M"A. Please help me thank you.

  14. photoshop lo work avutundaa ee software

  15. సోదరా, నేను present ga EL Capitan vadutunnanu.... indult key board sariga pain cheyatam ledu..... salaha cheppa galara.....

    1. నెను El Capitan ఉపయొగిస్తున్నాను. నాకు సరిగ్గ పనిచెస్తున్నది.